Nina D, Realtor 
“After a traumatic event in my life, I suffered debilitating anxiety. Neither my medical doctor, nor traditional medicine helped. After the first session with Pamela I felt better. After taking the herbs she recommended and a second session, the symptoms completely disappeared. I continue to receive treatments and I feel more balanced. I have a sense of well being that I have never had before.”

Debra C, Attorney 
“Three months into training for my second 10K, I injured my Achilles tendon. I felt certain I would have to stop running in order to heal. Then I saw Pamela. She not only used her hands-on healing techniques, but her knowledge of tendons, muscles and the skeletal structure enabled her to prescribe the right herbs and stretches to get me healed and running again before I ever thought possible.”

Dave M, Computer Sales 
“Working 10 hour days under constant deadlines, I was both physically and emotionally stressed. After only a few sessions with Pamela I began to feel rejuvenated. I highly recommend Pamela for her professional and heartfelt treatment.”

Margo D, Psychotherapist 
“Pamela is a miracle worker! She has healing hands, intelligence, knowledge, insight and creativity encompassing a loving, gentle soul.”

Candis W, Teacher 
“I am amazed at Pamela’s ability to not only relieve physical pain but to also transform negative emotions and energies to a happy, peaceful and productive state. I have been taking the Glyconutirents that Pamela recommended and no longer feel I have fibromyalgia.