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    Cholesterol  has become a major issue connected with cardiovascular disease, but how much of the information is actually fact & how much is myth perpetrated by the pharmaceutical companies selling drugs to keep cholesterol levels low?  There is so much misinformation that I wanted to pass along the following to help educate people to the actual facts about cholesterol.  If you have been told you have "high cholesterol" & need to be on medication, please read the information below. 
    Heart Health
    There is so much publicity and talk about cholesterol and heart health, we are going to begin our discussion on the cholesterol issue.

    The Cholesterol Story
    With the possible exception of people who have cholesterol readings of over 300, there is no credible link between heart disease and cholesterol. Research reveals that there are as many people with heart attacks whose cholesterol is under 180 as those in the high 200’s. According to Dr. Mogadam, Most heart attack victims have low to moderate levels of cholesterol -- as low as 180! And by concentrating on cholesterol you may be ignoring what's really putting you at risk.
    Let us look into the real cholesterol story.  Some 30 years ago, high cholesterol was an affliction of middle-aged men with cholesterol over 300 plus other risk factors, such as smoking and obesity. Since then, the massive fear about this non-disease has been created largely by the drug companies. They have done this while simultaneously manipulating the definition of high cholesterol by controlling the government panels that are responsible for the definitions. This combination has led to absolutely spectacular profits of tens of billions of dollars, as their reward for their effective market manipulation. By 1984 anyone (male or female) with cholesterol over 200 could receive the dreaded diagnosis and a prescription for pills. Then it was moved down to 180. Today, we’re down to recommended levels of less than 100 and drugs are prescribed to children as young as 10 years old.
    The drug company’s manipulation has resulted in tens of billions of dollars of profit and in loss of life due to the real cause of cardiovascular disease not being addressed.  There is no evidence to support their low target numbers, and, what's more, the combination of two or three statin drugs that patients can be prescribed to hit those targets will invariably do far more harm than good in the long run.
    The first thing that comes to mind when one hears about heart disease is almost always cholesterol. Cholesterol and heart disease has been almost synonymous for the last half-century.  The $26 billion in sales of statin drugs last year played a role in their recommendations.
    Cholesterol is NOT the Cause of Heart Disease  Cholesterol is not the major culprit in heart disease or any disease. If it becomes oxidized it can irritate/inflame tissues in which it is lodged in, such as the endothelium (lining of the arteries). This would be one of numerous causes of chronic inflammation that can injure the lining of arteries. However, many good fats are easily oxidized such as omega-3 fatty acids, but it does not mean that you should avoid it at all costs. In fact, cholesterol is being transported to tissues as part of an inflammatory response that is there to repair damage. Because the correlation of total cholesterol with heart disease is so weak, many years ago a stronger correlation was sought.  It was found that there is so-called "good cholesterol" called HDL, and that the so-called "bad cholesterol" was LDL. HDL stands for high- density lipoprotein, and LDL stands for low-density lipoprotein. Notice please that LDL and HDL are lipoproteins -- fats combined with proteins.
    There is only one cholesterol. There is no such thing as a good or bad cholesterol. Cholesterol is just cholesterol.  It combines with other fats and proteins to be carried through the bloodstream, since fat and our watery blood do not mix very well. Fatty substances therefore must be shuttled to and from our tissues and cells using proteins. LDL and HDL are forms of proteins and are far from being just cholesterol. In fact we now know there are many types of these fat and protein particles. LDL particles come in many sizes and large LDL particles are not a problem. Only the so-called small dense LDL particles can potentially be a problem, because they can squeeze through the lining of the arteries and if they oxidize, otherwise known as turning rancid, they can cause damage and inflammation. Thus, you might say that there is "good LDL" and "bad LDL." Also, some HDL particles are better than others. Knowing just your total cholesterol tells you very little. Even knowing your LDL and HDL levels do not tell you very much.
    A mistake that is rarely made in the hard-core sciences such as physics seems to be frequently made in medicine. This is confusing correlation with cause. There may be a weak correlation of elevated cholesterol with heart attacks, however this does not mean it is the cholesterol that caused the heart attack. Certainly gray hair is correlated with getting older; however one could hardly say that the gray hair caused one to get old. Using hair dye to reduce the gray hair would not really make you any younger. Neither it appears would just lowering your cholesterol.  Perhaps something else is causing both the gray hair and aging. Even if elevated cholesterol was significant and heart disease (which many credible doctors and researchers seriously question) perhaps something else is causing the elevated cholesterol and also causing the heart disease.
    Cholesterol is a vital component of every cell membrane on Earth. In other words, there is no life on Earth that can live without cholesterol. In fact it is one of our best friends. We would not be here without it. No wonder lowering cholesterol too much increases one's risk of dying. Cholesterol also is a precursor to all of the steroid hormones. You cannot make estrogen, testosterone, cortisone, and a host of other vital hormones without cholesterol.
    You can’t make new cell membranes without cholesterol. Cholesterol is necessary for many body functions.  When damage is occurring and inflammation is being initiated, chemicals are being released so that that damage can be repaired. One could speculate that to replace damaged, old and worn-out cells the liver needs to be notified to either recycle or manufacture cholesterol since no cell, human or otherwise, can be made without it. In this case, cholesterol is being manufactured and distributed in your bloodstream to help you repair damaged tissue and in fact to keep you alive.  If excessive damage is occurring such that it is necessary to distribute extra cholesterol through the bloodstream, it would not seem very wise to merely lower the cholesterol and forget about why it is there in the first place. It would seem much smarter to reduce the extra need for the cholesterol -- the excessive damage that is occurring, the reason for the chronic inflammation.  Cholesterol in turn is a precursor to steroid hormones. (For example, you can’t make testosterone or estrogen, cortisol, DHEA or pregnenalone, or a multitude of other steroid hormones that are necessary for health, without cholesterol.)   Removing cholesterol will do nothing to improve the underlying problems, the real roots of chronic disease.
    When damage is occurring and inflammation is being initiated, chemicals are being released so that that damage can be repaired. One could speculate that to replace damaged, old and worn-out cells the liver needs to be notified to either recycle or manufacture cholesterol since no cell, human or otherwise, can be made without it. In this case, cholesterol is being manufactured and distributed in your bloodstream to help you repair damaged tissue and in fact to keep you alive.
    If excessive damage is occurring such that it is necessary to distribute extra cholesterol through the bloodstream, it would not seem very wise to merely lower the cholesterol and forget about why it is there in the first place. It would seem much smarter to reduce the extra need for the cholesterol -- the reason for the chronic inflammation.

    Cholesterol Is The Hero, Not The Villain.
    It was determined many years ago that the majority of cholesterol in your bloodstream comes from what your liver is manufacturing and distributing. The amount of cholesterol that one eats plays little role in determining your cholesterol levels. It is also known that HDL shuttles cholesterol away from tissues, and away from your arteries, back to your liver. That is why HDL is called the "good cholesterol;" because it is supposedly taking cholesterol away from your arteries. But let's think about that.  Why does your liver make sure that you have plenty of cholesterol? Why is HDL taking cholesterol back to your liver? Why not take it right to your kidneys, or your intestines to get rid of it?  It is taking it back to your liver so that your liver can recycle it; put it back into other particles to be taken to tissues and cells that need it. Your body is trying to make and conserve the cholesterol for the precise reason that it is so important, indeed vital, for health.
    One function of cholesterol is to keep your cell membranes from falling apart. As such, you might consider cholesterol your cells "superglue." It is a necessary ingredient in any sort of cellular repair.
    Your body needs Cholesterol: It waterproofs your cell walls, helps repair cells, is vital for digesting fats, regulating hormone levels, and neurological function.
    In 1984 a study was published in the Journal of Holistic Medicine, which showed that cholesterol can function as an antioxidant, protecting the body from free radicals and therefore strengthening the immune system. Cholesterol is a precursor to vitamin D, which is a necessary nutrient for immune system function. It is also a precursor to corticosteroids, hormones that protect the body against stress. Stress, as we know, suppresses the immune system. At the Division of Epidemiology at the University of Minnesota, records of 19 studies were reviewed, examining the causes of death in more than 68,000 cases. The results of these studies showed many patients who died of diseases with infectious origins also had low cholesterol levels. To determine whether low cholesterol caused infection or if infection caused low cholesterol, Professor David R. Jacobs and Dr. Carlos Iribarren looked at more than 100,000 healthy individuals over a period of 15 years. Those who began the study with low cholesterol levels suffered from more cases of infection than those with higher cholesterol levels.
    Of course, like all fats, cholesterol does come in both good forms and bad. Highly processed cholesterol that has been exposed to heat and oxygen can become damaged and oxidized. Similar to refined fats, this type of cholesterol is not healthy for the body. It seems as if many studies done today to examine the effects of cholesterol in the body are performed with the preconceived idea that cholesterol can only be harmful. We may benefit from further research that truly examines the causes of high cholesterol and the resulting effects.
    Conditions that raise cholesterol levels, such as chronic stress and hypothyroidism, may actually be the primary cause behind diseases for which high cholesterol often takes the blame.
    It's around every corner, on television commercials, in health magazines and even in bold print on product labels on the grocery shelves: cholesterol gets plenty of media coverage as the bad guy. It's time to take another look at this mislabeled substance and see if cholesterol is, indeed, the cause of serious health problems such as heart disease. The very thing we've been told to avoid like the plague may be a missing element in today's highly processed diet.
    Ravnskov, Uffe. The Benefits of High Cholesterol. (2004)
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  • EMFs

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    One of my passions is to educate people about factors that impact our health and wellbeing.  EMF exposure from cell phones & other sources have a huge & negative  impact on our energy fields.  They are particularly damaging to children's brains, many of whom are given cell phones to play with at a very young age .  Many people are not aware of this yet, so I am passing along this information which I hope you will take the time to read and consider. 

    Pamela McBride, BCPP, RPE, CMT
    Pamela McBride Photo
    Scientists exposed 10 female volunteers to radiation at 900 mgahertz from GSM phones to simulate an hour-long phone call. They screened 580 different proteins in their skin cells and found 2 proteins were significantly altered. This study shows that even without heating, molecular level changes take place in response to cell phone frequency electromagnetic radiation. (New Scientist February 23rd, 2008; BMC Genomics 2008, 9:77)
    A study done and published in June 2003 issue of Environmental Health Perspectives showed that mobile phones damaged neurons in the brains of rats.
    There has been a thought process that headsets will reduce this radiation exposure. More recent research is showing that headsets are acting like an antenna and intensifying the radiation and may raise the radiation exposure by as much as 300%.
    In London, a cell phone company was forced to move its tower off of the top of an apartment building after 7 residents developed cancer. Three of the residents died. Other issues on those residents included headaches during the time the tower was in place.
    There have been numerous studies that claim there is no biological impact of RF radiation within the cell phone range (mostly done by the cell phone industry), but this study puts holes in that thought process. Researchers from around the world are finding disturbing results to indicate major health implications.
    One of the world’s undisputed experts on cell phone safety is Dr George Carlo. In the 1990’s, Dr Carlo was given a $28 million dollar grant from the phone industry to put an end to the talk that cell phones were hazardous to your health. However, what Dr Carlo found was what he had been paid to find. Instead he discovered that they DO in fact cause damage. The cell phone industry offered him a $1 million dollar per year position to silence him. He refused and started the non-profit institute “Safe Wireless Initiative” to educate the world of this danger. Dr Carlo is a MD who is a professor that has taught at George Washington Medical School and has a degree in public health.
    Risks that are being linked to unremediated cell phone exposure are:
    Cancer Alzheimer’s Senility Dementia Parkinson’s Fatigue Headaches Sleep Disorders Altered memory function Poor concentration Spatial awareness Autism
    Damage your cell membranes Decreases intracellular communication Increases deposits of heavy metals into your cells Increases free radicals Cell phone users are 240% more likely to develop brain tumors 4 times greater the tumor will form on the side that the phone is most frequently held. Even when the phone is not in use, it can radiate the harm up to several feet.
    Dr. Mercola has stated that he did a 20 minute interview for the Today show with supporting evidence on the damage that cell phones can cause and the way they censored his information was by only airing 4 seconds of the 20 minute interview. Dr. Mercola also believes as do others that the harm from cell phones is far greater than that of cigarettes.
    Award-winning cancer expert Dr. Vini Khurana has concluded that mobile phones may kill far more people than smoking or asbestos. The latest study, which is being called the “ most devastating indictment yet” for the safety of mobile phones, draws on growing evidence that using handsets for 10 years or more can double your risk of brain cancer. Professor Khurana reviewed more than 100 studies on the effects of mobile phones, and concluded that "there is a significant and increasing body of evidence for a link between mobile phone usage and certain brain tumors."If nothing is done, Khurana believes the rate of malignant brain tumors and the associated death rate will rise around the world within a decade, and by then it may be too late to intervene medically.
    Here is a sample of what Professor Khurana found after reviewing over 100 studies: Exposure is long term and its effects on your body, particularly its electrical organ, your brain, are compounded by numerous other simultaneous long-term exposures, including continuous waves from towers, cordless phone base stations, power lines and wireless/WiFi computing devices.
    If you have any land-based (non-cellular) portable phones, do NOT use anything other than the 900 MHz phones, as the gigahertz phones stay on continuously, blasting you with information carrying radio waves 24/7, and then each land phone should be remediated, also.
    Use your cell phone only where the reception is good. When the reception is poor, your phone works harder and therefore emits a much stronger radiation signal. The human body is an amazing, self-rejuvenating entity that has the ability to repair itself while it sleeps. This is accomplished with its own internal electrical system that functions with very weak electrical impulses. Electrical impulses are generated by your brain and are used for intercellular communication.
    In the typical sleeping area, electrical exposure from external sources (live electrical wire in ceilings and floors) is thousands of times stronger than your body’s own electrical system. Long-term exposure to these high level electric fields can impair your body’s ability to communicate within itself, and impact health. The average person sleeps about 8 hours per night and thus spends approximately one-third of their life sleeping. We now have technology to remediate these fields to correct their energy from harmful energy to helpful energy that enhances your wellbeing.
    Doesn’t it make sense to reduce exposure to electric fields in our sleeping areas? Some people develop symptom when they experience long-term exposure, especially at night, to elevated levels of electricity. These include: Headaches Hyperactivity Nightmares Depression and fatigue Eyestrain Muscle cramps Biological problems associated with electromagnetic stressors fall into two major categories: 1. Brain (behavioral abnormalities, learning disabilities, altered bio-cycles and stress responses) 2. Growing tissue (embryos, genetics and cancer)
    Research has shown that for a body to properly detoxify during sleep, it must be alkaline, and high electromagnetic fields lead to acidity. This is especially true for heavy metal detoxification.
    1. Get rid of battery devices by the bed: Research has shown that exposure to high magnetic fields while sleeping can cause severe long-term illness. Many electric clocks produce high magnetic fields. 2. Remediate all the electrical fields in the bedroom A restful sleep is necessary for health and a strong immune system. Electric fields affect the bio-communication system, keeping you from sleeping soundly. 3. Remediate radio frequency - Radio frequency signals from portable phones, cell phones, and wireless devices have been shown to interfere with your body’s immune system.
    4. Either use beds without metal or use metal remediation RT’s Metal frames and metal box springs can amplify and distort the earth’s natural magnetic field, which can lead to a non-restful sleep. Use natural materials.
    The U.S. National Research Council has advised that researchers should study children and pregnant women in order to determine if cell phones or other wireless devices could be causing health damage. The U.S. FDA had asked the National Research Council, which advises the federal government on scientific matters, to recommend some future lines of study. Most studies of cell phones to date have looked only at short-term effects on healthy adults. The Council noted that, "Although it is unknown whether children are more susceptible to RF exposure, they may be at increased risk because of their developing organ and tissue systems." The Council also identified a number of other overarching issues that merit further study, such as differences between long- and short-term exposure, and possible biological mechanisms, other than simple heating, by which wireless radiation could affect cells. Sources: ABC News 01/18/2008; ARS Technical 01/21/2008; Children today will experience previously unimaginable exposure to information-carrying radio waves from mobile phones, because they start out using them at a very early age. The information-carrying radio waves from cell phone base stations and cell phones make heavy metals much more dangerous than they typically are. Electromagnetic radiation can actually trap heavy metals inside your cells, causing cellular damage and hindering your body from detoxifying. Realistically, people are not going to get rid of their cell phones, but armed with this knowledge, it is more critical to be sure we are remediating them to minimize their extraordinary impact.
    Many scientists and government agencies in Europe have already accepted that EMF’s from cell phones do pose health risks. “Scientists do not argue any more whether mobile phones are harmful, but how harmful they are.”
    Although the National Research Council’s report states that Specific Absorption Rates (SAR) for children are likely to be higher than for adults, let’s not get confused. The danger from most land-based portable phones, cell phones and WiFi routers is NOT from the magnetic radiation or the microwave carrier wave for which typical SAR rating are given on phones. These thermal effects are insignificant. Simply lowering the allowable SAR will NOT make call phones safer. These modulated information-carrying radio waves resonate in biological frequencies of a few to a few hundred cycles per second and can stimulate your cellular receptors, causing a whole cascade of pathological consequences that can end in severe fatigue, anxiety, neurological challenges, and often end up in cancer.
    The studies showing the long-term risks of cell phone use are just beginning to come in,because cell phone use didn’t become widespread until the late 1990’s. It typically takes at least 10 to 20 years for cancers to show up, so now is the time when these risks will become apparent.
    Unfortunately, most people fail to correlate common symptoms and health problems to their exposure to cell phones and other radio frequencies, perhaps because these conditions can so easily be attributed to other causes (including so-called “unknown” causes) as well.


  • Harmonizing our Energy with Nature 9/15/12

    One of my passions is to be of some value in bringing health care & life into harmony with nature.  We have everything we see in nature in our own energy systems - Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether or Space.  Each of us has an energetic constitution.  It is the balance of those elemental energies that make us feel good.  If those elemental energies are out of balance, we do not feel our best & are not able to reveal our highest potential. Polarity therapy, founded by Dr. Randolph Stone,  is the foundation of the energy work I integrate in my sessions.  Balancing those energies of nature we have our own system is one of the fundamentals of Polarity therapy.

    Here's a quote which I find deeply inspiring, empowering & uplifting from Daisaku Ikeda, the President of the SGI, a Nichiren Buddhist lay community.  I have practiced Nichiren Buddhism since I was a teenager & consider him my life mentor.

    "Life contains the capacity, like flames that reach toward heaven, to transform suffering and pain into the energy needed for value-creation, into light that liimuniates darkness.  LIke the wind traversing vast spaces unhindered, life has the power to uproot and overturn all obstacles and difficulties.  Like clear flowing water, it can wash away all stains and impurities.  And finally, life, like the great earth that sustains vegetation, impartially protects all people with its compassionate, nurturing force."   Daisaku Ikeda